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UT ALERT Account Maintenance and Sign Up

PLEASE NOTE - The University of Toledo has switched emergency notification Vendors. The sign up and maintenance process for your account information may appear slightly different. The top section of this page is for people who are not signed up for UT Alert and wish to sign up. If you have already signed up (even under the old process) use the second form to maintain your account. Some users were unable to be imported from the old vendor to the new; communications will be going out to all of those users. The vendor switch was done to provide a more robust more reliable way to communicate to our users.

New Account Sign Up

Welcome to the UT ALERT Registration application. To ACTIVATE A NEW UT ALERT ACCOUNT please enter your UTAD user ID and password below. If you have not yet activated your UTAD account, or have forgotten your password, please visit the My UT Account page for assistance. PLEASE NOTE THAT PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE.

By providing the contact information requested on this "sign-up page," you are agreeing to become part of The University of Toledo UT ALERT emergency notification program. UT ALERT is a means by which UT officials can notify you quickly about events that, in the view of key UT law enforcement or safety officials, present an imminent/foreseeable danger to your personal safety on any University of Toledo campus. This service is provided to you with no charge from UT. If you choose the notification option of receiving this information via a text message to your cell phone, you will, however, incur the normal text message charge your cell phone carrier has established for such messages. That cost will be your responsibility. Depending on your cellular phone provider and plan, you may not be able to receive text messages. UT makes no guarantee that phone provider systems will transmit notifications without delay or problems. It is your responsibility to assure that you keep your contact information updated.

If you are having any problems with UT Alert please contact the help desk at 419.530.2400 or 419.383.2400

Sign in to an existing UT Alert account

If you have already activated a UT alert account you can use the form below to log in to that account and make changes. PLEASE NOTE that the password required is the password YOU SET UP for UT Alert, this is NOT your UTAD password.

If you are having any problems with UT Alert please contact the help desk at 419.530.2400 or 419.383.2400